Hailstorm with stones the size of golf balls batters Indian village

Apr 13, 2018

A family was left terrified after their home was hit by hailstones with the size of golf balls.Mansoor Ali, 34, a resident of a village in Muzzafarpur, India, took a video of the hailstones pounding his home.Along with Muzzafarpur, several districts in the North Indian state of Bihar were hit by an unprecedented hailstorm that turned everything white. Hailstorm, thunder squall and heavy rainfall were reported across as many as 12 districts.One person was killed by a thunderbolt and crops were extensively damaged in affected districts.Met experts have attributed the freak weather conditions to the combined impact of a cyclonic circulation and formation of a trough line in the region.Several other parts of India are also reporting unseasonal thunder showers.