Apple Watch Series 2 First Look Video

Sep 08, 2016

The Apple Watch Series 2 is swim-proof and can resist water till depths of up to 50 metres. But how do you achieve something like this in a smartwatch with a bunch of entry points for the water to get it? Well, you cap most of the entry points and for the rest use the speaker to expel the water. Simple when you look at it, as speakers use air to create sound and the same air can be used to expel water from inside the device. The Apple Watch Series 2 is also much faster than before and can do much more thanks to the dual core S2 processor. It also has a 1000 nits display, which makes it brighter than most, maybe all, smartphone screens out there. This means you will have no issues reading the screen in the bright Indian sun. There were not many announcements on whether this version will be able to save power more and we will need to wait for a full review to find that out. Read More: