Clever hyena escapes attack from rival clan by hiding inside elephant carcass

May 11, 2018

A clever hyena escaped an attack from a rival clan of hyenas by hiding inside an elephant carcass in South Africa. In the video, a hyena standing next to an elephant carcass can be seen growling at two other hyenas.The filmer is heard saying: “He’s really showing how desperate he is for food here. Showing a lot of submission but aggression at the same time. Keeping himself protected. They’re showing a lot of interest in him. He’s definitely not from the same clan that’s for sure. But the hunger is driving him to actually come here to try fight off the two other hyenas just to get a bit of food.”The hyenas continue to be aggressive with each other until the lone hyena decides to crawl inside the elephant carcass.The filmer says the hyena is “protecting himself” by going inside the carcass and that he is “very, very clever.”"This was an amazing moment in my life," the filmer remarked years later. "I can remember how much I enjoyed witnessing this!"This video was filmed sometime in 2015.