Temp(orary) - The Real Elizabeth Banks

Jun 05, 2017

Sam and Lexie are best friends with nothing figured out. But since their parents cut them off and their English degrees aren't cutting it, these millennials turn to temp jobs to teach them their life's purpose. And when they find mail for Elizabeth Banks, their celebrity encounter inspires them to learn how to turn things around and become the type of strong woman they've always dreamed of meeting. Temp(orary) was created by Chrissie Fit and Cyrina Fiallo. Watch more here: Episode 2 - http://whohaha.com/series/temporary/#l6AEewbJ1tQ Episode 3 - http://whohaha.com/series/temporary/#D6ysL5Hf4eM Episode 4 - http://whohaha.com/series/temporary/#gzu6rY006e0