Moment motorcyclist sideswiped by car after breezing through junction

Jun 03, 2018

+CLIENTS PLEASE NOTE: VIDEO CONTAINS SWEARING+This is the moment a motorcyclist is sideswiped by a car after he mistakenly goes through a junction in South Africa.The helmet-cam footage, filmed on April 28 in Johannesburg, show the motorcyclist heading straight through a four-way junction as the light turns green.However, unbeknownst to the rider, traffic police are in fact guiding traffic and the green did not apply to the traffic going in his direction. He is hit on the side by a car going at full speed and hits the ground. Luckily, he is uninjured.The filmer says he is lucky to have walked away from the incident, on Market Street. He writes: "I thank God that this accident was not worse. I could have lost my leg. The car hit me square on my back tyre."But he adds that some of the blame must lay at the feet of the police in this incident. He continues: "The police officers were not in the middle of the intersection when they were directing traffic. "The police officers were off to one side and would disappear behind traffic. I am also pretty sure that traffic lights are meant to be deactivated when police officers are directing traffic. "I'm not going to accept full blame for this accident, but assuming I can go on green is not something a biker should do."