'Manatee mating ball' captured on video in Florida

May 15, 2018

A filmer captured a “manatee mating ball” on video while canoeing with a friend in Florida.A manatee mating ball or manatee mating herd is how these aquatic mammals reproduce.“Manatees do not form permanent pair bonds like some animal species. During breeding, a single female, or cow, will be followed by a group of a dozen or more males or bulls, forming a mating herd,” according to Save the Manatee. At the start of the video, a group of manatees are seen clustered together in the water, which is called a manatee mating ball.“While canoeing with a friend, we spotted a manatee mating ball,” the filmer said. “We gave them plenty of space to do their thing, but a few of them still spotted the canoe and followed us for a few minutes.”“Since the manatee mating ball was right along the shoreline, we decided to pull the canoe up on the shoreline a safe distance away and quietly walk over to near where the manatees were,” the filmer continued. “They were oblivious to our presence and the activity lasted all day long.”++CLIENTS PLEASE NOTE: THERE IS NO AUDIO DURING PARTS OF THIS VIDEO++