Dash-cam captures incredible cement mixer crash in China

Apr 17, 2018

This is the terrifying moment a cement mixer truck leapt over a car that had suddenly hit the brakes on a Chinese highway.The dash-cam video shows the car suddenly braking in the middle of the road in eastern China's Anhui Province.Behind the vehicle, a cement mixer is approaching.The dash-cam video shows the cement truck coming into view and flying over the car, landing in front of it. The heavy truck is seen hitting the central reservation and tipping onto its side before coming to a halt in a haze of dust and smoke.Debris can be seen flying off the truck.According to reports, the car driver mistook a yellow warning light for an amber traffic light and hit the brakes.The truck driver reportedly was not keeping a safe distance and suffered minor injuries.++CLIENTS PLEASE NOTE: THIS VIDEO IS MUTE FROM SOURCE++