Apple Shipping Only 3 Million iPhone X Units At Launch

Oct 20, 2017

   Wochit Tech
Apple's iPhone X will be in short supply when it launches in November, with only 2-3 million units shipping from factories before launch. The iPhone X, the most advanced and expensive iPhone at $999, goes up for preorder on October 27 and hits stores on November 3 in 57 countries and territories. The last time Apple announced preorder numbers for its most advanced phone, in 2014, it said it saw 4 million preorders in the first 24 hours — so the iPhone X is going to be very hard to find at launch. For Apple fans who want the iPhone X as soon as it comes out, this is not good news — you're either going to need to get lucky at pre-order time or line up at a retail store to secure an iPhone X first day.