Internet reacts as biker and Jaguar driver get into heated rush-hour argument

May 10, 2018

A motorcyclist and a Jaguar driver got into a heated argument on the motorway which has sparked debate online about who is at fault. Dash cam footage captured on the A50 near Stoke-on-Trent on May 9 shows a buildup of traffic on the busy road near the Staffordshire city.As the vehicles come to a standstill, cars swerve to avoid the traffic, including a silver Jaguar moving into the path of a motorbike as the biker attempts to filter down the inside lane. After an exchange of words, the Jaguar once more swerves into the biker's path and then pulls away. The biker then appears to attempt to overtake the Jaguar, swerving into the path of a lorry in the left-hand lane. The two appear to exchange remarks before the biker pulls away.Later on, the Jaguar can be spotted chasing the biker after he allegedly gave the driver an obscene hand gesture. The filmer, Dave Hazell-Darby, is an HGV driver who was off-duty and heading home to Uttoxeter when he captured the footage. Hazell-Darby believes the silver Jaguar driver was to blame for the incident. He said on Facebook: "In my opinion, he was being unnecessarily aggressive towards the biker."And another user commented: "I’d report that without a doubt. Silver car driver took exception to biker trying to filter, weaving about."But others disagreed.One user wrote: "The biker was needlessly shoving his nose in when he could have just let it unfold and then filter through afterwards – not to mention having a dig at the trucker who did nothing wrong."+CLIENTS ARE ADVISED TO BLUR NUMBER PLATES+