Hunt for stage performers who bit cobras during live show

Jun 04, 2018

Officials in India are looking for two stage performers who bit two cobras during a live show. The manhunt was prompted after wildlife experts secured a video of the horrific case of abuse and lodged a complaint against two unknown performers. The incident took place on May 15 during a local festival in Behrampur district of Odisha. A video of the incident shows two men on stage performing with cobras. One of them bites into the flared hood of the cobra and lifts it with his teeth. He also puts the other cobra’s head into his mouth and swirls it around. He handles them roughly and even wears them like a necklace around his neck. The other man also allegedly abused the cobras in a similar stunt.Improper and unauthorised handling of wild animals is an offence under Indian laws and draw a sentence of up to six months. Noted snake expert Subhendu Mallick said the men had defanged the cobras before torturing them to impress the crowd with their "bravery." “The show organiser and the committee secretary should be booked first,” he added.Chief Wildlife Warden Sandeep Tripathy informed that he has directed forest officials in Berhampur act against all the culprits.But wildlife experts said the government was not taking the issue seriously and said none had been arrested after nearly two weeks of the incident.They also called upon the government to crack down on abuse of snakes and animals during Indian festivals.+CLIENTS PLEASE NOTE: AUDIO AS INCOMING+