Broken PA forces English Defence League to abandon Shropshire rally

May 12, 2018

An attempt by up to 60 English Defence League supporters to stage a rally in Shropshire this afternoon (May 12) was foiled when the far-right organisation's PA broke.Video filmed today shows tension between EDL supporters and counter-protesters in Wellington, near Telford, and scores of police officers at the scene.EDL supporters can be seen marching the short distance from Wellington railway station to Market Square."You're not English anymore!" EDL supporters chant.Counter-protesters chant "Whose town? Our town!" and "EDL, off our streets!" in response and hold placards that read "No to racism."The EDL had hoped to make speeches in protest against child exploitation in Telford but problems with the far-right organisation's portable generator and PA system meant that their proposed speeches had to be abandoned, to the delight of counter-protesters. Scores of police formed a barrier between English Defence League supporters and a vocal anti-fascist contingent.Video shows the separate groups protesting only yards away from each other.