[4K] Amazing Shanghai Disneyland Pirates of the Caribbean Ride 2016 - Spectacular one of a Kind Ride

Jan 28, 2018

[4K] Full Pirates of the Caribbean: Battle for the Sunken Treasure Ride-through at the new Shanghai Disneyland.

If you guys have the chance to visit Shanghai in the future, definitely visit Shanghai Disneyland, it truly amazing to experience it live. A day ticket to the park is very affordable ranging from $55 to $75 per person depending on the day you go. Off-season will be cheaper at about $55.

Video recorded on 6/17/2016 during Shanghai Disneyland Grand Opening Weekend

*Note: This video has been uploaded to this channel before. The only difference is that its now in 4K and contains alternate ending. My laptop wasnt powerful enough to convert my 4K video when I was in Shanghai. Thats why the previous video is just in HD.

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